About Georgia

Nestled between Russia and Turkey on the coast of the Black Sea, Georgia is a country with deeply rooted culinary traditions. For centuries, life in Georgia has revolved around the dinner table, mostly in the form of the supra – a traditional feast complete with a toastmaster and liters of home-grown wine.

Georgians are as passionate about hospitality as they are food, taking great pride in serving guests plate after plate of traditional, delicious dishes during these lengthy feasts, which celebrate anything from marriages and holidays to a good harvest or a visit from an unexpected guest.

Considered by many to be the birthplace of wine, Georgia has over 400 varieties of grapes, many of which are not known outside the country. Archeologists have found evidence of wine being produced in Georgia over 8,000 years ago, resulting in a culture that is tied to making, drinking and celebrating with wine. Recently, Georgian wines have been exported to Europe and the United States and wine tourism is on the rise, especially in the popular wine-making region of Kakheti in Eastern Georgia.

Named after the country’s devotion to Saint George, Georgia has a rich history. Christianity was brought to Georgia in the 4th century by Saint Nino, and since that time Georgians have built hundreds of churches, cathedrals and monasteries celebrating their Orthodox faith, many of which remain intact today. These old structures – some even built in caves or on top of high mountains – remain places of pilgrimage for Georgians and tourist destinations for visitors. Ancient mosques and synagogues also serve the smaller Muslim and Jewish populations in Georgia.

Surrounded on the north by the Greater Caucasus Range and the Lesser Caucasus Range in the south, Georgia is an incredibly mountainous country, with its highest peak reaching just over 17,000 feet. Georgia also borders the Black Sea and has several coastal towns and villages that are popular summer destinations. Overall, Georgia is a geographically diverse country that is stunningly beautiful and perfect for skiing, swimming, hiking and exploring.